A Brief - "Atmiya Vidya Niketan"

The concept of 'Atmiyata' was first uniquely coined by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji who is the Founder President of Yogi Divine Society. The core philosophy of "Union of Body, mind and soul" that forms the base of Atmiya Vidya Niketan, Ahmedabad is inspired and blessed by Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji.

The word education has a very deep meaning in upbringing of the children in the Indian Culture. The divine and pious atmosphere makes the most important role in the development of morale in the young minds of tiny tots. At Atmiya Vidya Niketan, we impart the education and culture to make the youth of the county bright, cultured and responsible to take challenges and lead the nation to make it the world leader.

The child is catered in a manner that he becomes independent, identifying the right and the wrong to take wise decision. The development of the student, spiritually, ethically, intellectually, emotionally and physically is the priority of this institution. The Union of Body Mind And Soul makes the human life the meaningful and leads to the right path.

Our Mission

To provide holistic education through well-structured relevant programme, learners’ centric approaches, pedagogical innovations along with the adoption of modern technologies and strategies.

To ensure dedicated, qualified and competent faculty, state of art infrastructure and other support facilities to facilitate better learning.

To inculcate values, culture, morality and spirituality in the heart of youth for fostering universal brotherhood, patriotism, righteous living and selfless service through the practice of "ATMIYATA"

To promote strategies and activities towards the overall personality development of youth, through defined student support and welfare system.

To aim at innovations and adopt best practices to move towards excellence.