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Maths-Science- Lab

Our lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. The activities help the students to visualize, manipulate and reason. Our Innovation Labs aim to create breakthrough, out-of-the-box solutions to major challenges of the present and the future, “addressing problems too big for any child to solve on its own”.


Our school library, Athenaeum, is a part of learning and we have merged our Social Science Lab and English Language Lab so as to make the understanding of the subject apparent and easier. Computerized learning is also a part of our learning. Students read books not only for leisure but to add a value to their morale.

Counselling for Students

Our counseling team helps our students in removing the barriers to academic achievements and support them emotionally. They organize themselves in such a way that they become an assistance in students future exploration and advocates students educational plan meetings.

Computer Lab

Atmiya Vidya Niketan is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Our newly set computer labs provides high - tech learning and teaching experience. We encourage our students to explore more and self learn so as to be more efficient in this tech world.

Cafeteria Food

Atmiya Vidya Niketan encourage nutrition taught food habits and culinary skills. We not only imbibe good health but we embrace tasty meals. The school environment has a significant impact on the development of eating habits. Just about everyone can remember purchasing an ice-cream, cake pie or chocolate roll back in their day as a special occasion. But these days, that special occasion has grown into multiple times a week, or for some children every day.

Club Activities

The club activities are well designed for the development of the hobbies and holistic approach of the student in the school. They are designed such that the skills of the students in the various fields are developed which gives wings to their imagination.



atmiya vidya niketan

ATMIYA at a Glance

Atmiya Vidya Niketan | cbse school sargasan gandhinagar


Innovative world class curriculum, follows the traditional montessori method where we encourage to learn, grow and conquer at their own pace...

Atmiya Vidya Niketan | cbse school sargasan gandhinagar


We build our students and prepare them for a better tomorrow and compete with the world on a global platform. Our methodologies helps them to fulfill the criteria of the global world

Atmiya Vidya Niketan | cbse school sargasan gandhinagar


We believe in possessing a great deal of knowledge and skills with regards to both teaching and assessment practices in order to enhance the aspect of education.

Atmiya Vidya Niketan | cbse school sargasan gandhinagar


We assimilate in building a strong culture of parent - school engagement. We postulate the important role that both parents and teachers play in developing positive attitudes towards learning and education for children, building their motivation and confidence as learners, and fostering their enjoyment of learning.