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 Evaluation System


Children are observed individually as well as in a group. There should be no oral and written exams. Children are observed on the following basis.

Each child will be observed every day to assess their:

ü Language Development (Listening & Speaking)

ü Cognitive Development

ü Social and Motor (Gross & Fine)

ü Co-curricular activities

ü Reading&Writingskills

ü Number&Reasoning skills

ü Generalawareness

ü Co-curricular activities

ü Theoverallperformanceofthechild will be intimated through the Report Card

The Grading System


Classes I to V

Classes VI onwards

Marks Range                  Grade


91-100                                A1


81-90                                  A2


71-80                                  B1


61-70                                  B2


51-60                                  C1


41-50                                  C2


33-40                                  D


32 & below                        E         (Needs Improvement)





Subject Enrichment Activities:

-          For Languages:            Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skill (ASL) will be conducted.

-          For Mathematics:       Listed laboratory Activities as given in the prescribed publication of NCERT

-          For Science:                 Listed Practical work/ Activities prescribed by NCERT

-          For Social Science:      Map Skills and Projects as prescribed by NCERT